May 23, 2009

Annihilator v.31.0

I just finished a new Industrial Heart, and it turned out fantastic! This is the 31st piece in my Industrial Heart Collection, entitled: "Annihilator". The entire body of the heart is polymer clay that has all of the components of the anatomical human heart, but has been made to look like metal, with paneling and rivet detailing. This was an extremely fun piece to create, as the customer was looking for something that was a bit more technological as opposed to old-school with all the gears and such. The lady he is buying it for is a huge sci-fi enthusiast.

The entire body of the heart is brass. Usually people ask for the steel/silver body, but I wanted to give this piece a particular old machinery look. Most of the features have been picked out in a worn steel colour and than antiqued with black acrylics to bring out the textures and details.

The front features a centralized round panel with some intricate detailing and a small red LED in the middle. From this, extends a long metal strap with large rivets. There is also a large receptacle-like rivet off to the left side on the front. On the right side is two receptables with thick silver cable going from one receptacle to the other. On the left is a very interesting Industrial scale pattern with angled spiked edges.

On the back is a textured silver panel with large rivets and a silver cross button in the middle. There is also a carbon composition resistor running along the panel in the top. There are also other little details like tiny silver cylinders and screws as well.

It's one of my favourites so far! I just saw Terminator for the first time the other day, and so I had cyber-borgs and red LED's stuck in my head for a few days. Hehe. Hence, the title as well!

There is a loop in the top so that this heart may be strung on a 20" black rubber necklace with chain extension and heart charm, which this piece comes with. The entire thing has been antiqued with black to give it a worn appeal, and it has been glazed once to allow for a touch of shine and durability.

Industrial Heart Information
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