May 27, 2009

The Clayers Best Friend

Every clayer has one pet peeve in common, and that is getting dirt and dust in your clay - especially white clay! It's hard to avoid when you live in a dusty house like I do, and the fact that no matter how many times I wash my hands to rid them of dirt and dust doesn't help either!

I discovered a fantastic product in the automotive department of our hardware store. It's called Fast Orange, and it comes in all sorts of forms from Hand Creams to Wipes - but the product I am love with is their Pumice Bar Hand Soap.

This stuff is designed for automotive mechanics - the ones that have dirt and grease up to their elbows all day long. Not only does this fantastic soap help a polymer clay artist by taking off dirt and dust - it gets into all those nooks and crannies that you can get to! The crud that you didn't even KNOW was on your hands will be gone, and you can actually physically feel the squeeziness in the clean!

This soap cleans off grease, oil, resin, tar, grime, sealants, adhesives, ink, glue, paint, rubber cement, epoxies, and all sorts of nasty sticky dirty stuff! You'd think that a soap with gritty Pumice in it might dry out your hands, but it is filled with moisturizers such as aloe, lanolin, glycerin, and jojoba to keep your hands smooth and conditioned. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, and has a citrus orange scent to keep your nose happy!

I know what you may be thinking... is it expensive? No. It isn't expensive at all. You can buy it for $2.50 CAD a bar - it's a big bar, may I add. It'll last quite awhile! You can buy it all sorts of places, just look for it in the Automotive section of hardware stores, general stores, grocery stores, etc. Some stores that carry it are Ace Hardware Stores, Do-It-Best, True Value, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Lowes, & Princess Auto (in Canada) to name a few.

Seriously. Grab yourself one bar of it and prove me wrong. I wet my hands with warm water, scrub my hands good for about 30 seconds, rinse, and dry with a PAPER towel. Don't use a cotton towel to dry your hands before playing with your clay - they are full of fuzzies! After giving your work surface a good cleaning and washing and scrubbing your hands with Fast Orange, you'll definately be a lot less worried about all that invisible crud that SOMEHOW always gets onto your clay.


  1. Thanks for the tip! I gonna try to find it this week! :)

  2. I use Solvol soap personally. People in my family have used Solvol for ages such as my granddad owns a pool-digging business, and he often has to get down into the dirt, along with fixing his excavator and trunks. My Pop does alot of landscape work and is a practiced mechanic. And my brother used it when he worked at a door factory and had industrial strength glue all over his skin, and it got rid of it all. Amazing stuff xD

  3. Oh, what a great tip. I wonder if I can find it here in sweden.. hmm
    Great blog btw! :D

  4. Thanks for the tip, Several Wrong Turns! I'll have to check that out! And thanks guys!

  5. Those invisible cruddies certainly do seem to appear out of nowhere! Will have to try that bar of soap, sounds like a winner!

  6. Oh yeah, definately! You can FEEL the squeekiness in your hands after you use it! Good luck, Cindy. :)

  7. I only found the Fast Orange "Hand Cleaner/Pumice" at Canadian Tire, I just tried it and it's great too :)

  8. Fantastic :D That's the only stuff I can find at Canadian Tire, too. There is a place here in Toronto (and Kitchener, I believe) called Princess Auto... which I found the soap. :)

  9. For anyone based in Australia, I found something similar under the name Solvol :)

  10. Hello,! I love your site!
    I live in Europe, Greece, I use the soap bar named" ABRADOR", it contains small granules of pumice stone that makes perfect job as well. You find this in drag stores and pharmacies, costs 3€

    1. Thank-you! :D I'm sure our European friends will really appreciate your tip! <3