May 26, 2009

For Miss Alice

I've been asked to write a review for a good friend of mine on DeviantArt - named Alice. She owns a small polymer clay business called Citrus Wedding and will be entering a "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" competition very soon. I hope that this review may help her in this competition, and I wish her all the best luck! <3 Kookie

Miss Alice Citrus-Wedding is a lady who is all about sweetness and colour – and her polymer clay creations express this. She only started about a year ago with this medium, and her creations have progressed tremendously over time.

We all look back on our first creations and laugh, but so few of us can actually look back and see our art as a milestone. I have been given the honor to watch Alice as she learns new techniques to apply to her pieces, and I have gotten to see the progression in her pieces as she does this.

Many of us start with cupcakes and donuts with polymer clay, but we don’t exactly develop a style that is all our own, and many things look the same. Alice’s creations boast an originality and flair that make them distinctly feminine and sweet – much different than just deep fried dough with icing.

If I had to choose three of her creations to be my favourites, I would choose her “Fizzy Cola” earrings, first. All of us grew up with penny candies, five cent candies, and such, and this brings back memories to the days that my mother would give me a quarter or a few dimes to buy myself a few pieces of candy on the way to school. The cream-white and brown gummy cola bottles covered in that sweet and sour sugar was my most adored candy – and Alice has recreated them so flawlessly that I would probably eat them if I didn’t know they were clay.

The “Sprinkly Donut” earrings that Alice creations are just simply darling. The combination of pinks and browns almost always scream delicious, and these are no exception. Chocolate donuts slathered in vanilla icing, as well as vivid pink and yellow sprinkles are a cute concept on their own of course, but the addition of that glimmery pink bead with the silver earring hooks really add a chic touch.

Her “Toothpaste & Toothbrush” earrings are a cute reminder that we need to brush those pearly whites after attempting to sink our teeth into Citrus Weddings’ sweet creations. The squishy little toothpaste tube is just perfect in that baby-blue hue, and the toothbrush is so dainty and a lovely shade of purple. They match eachother so well!

Alice is definitely crafty and is no stranger to other mediums as well, so I have no doubt in my mind that Citrus Wedding will continue to grow and that I will be hearing more about her work in the future – perhaps saying that she has made it big!

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