May 19, 2009

The Independent Artist

This shall be my very first blog - and I intend to stick to it! I had an online journal way way back, but that is much different than a blog. A blog is more public, and it is the purpose of the blog that people know who you are. In online journals, you do not state any details about who you are, and if you do, you do so in an anonymous way.

What is this blog about, exactly? Well. I want to give the world some insight in what I do and what I create. I am a mad scientist of polymer clay, and I want to show you what I make! I also want to share tips, tricks, and all sorts of information on polymer clay that is useful to reader. I don't want to sit here and yabber on about myself all day - that would get very boring.

In addition to that, I might add a bit of my writing on social/youth issues, music, etc. I am very passionate about things like that. I am also passionate about the DIY ethic, and I would LOVE to feature independant artists and their creations online. So all in all, this is a blog about the Independent Artist - taking nothing from nobody, creating by feeling, and expressing who they are. That is an artist, my friends!

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