May 21, 2009

Sweet Sweet Candy... Soap?

Have you ever picked up a bar of soap, scrubbed yourself down, than afterwards, felt like some sort of dried-up prune? All those chemicals can really take their toll on your skin, but Verbena Custom Fragrance Blends intends to change all that.

"My soaps are nothing put pure natural goodness! I don't use artificial lathering agents in my soaps like SLS or Propylen Glycol. All of my handcrafted soaps get you clean without stripping your skins natural oils and they have a silky glide - you can shave with - and a rich creamy lather. Your skin won't feel dry or tight, just pampered and moisturized!"

Not only do her soaps apparently moisturize, they also give your skin a sugary treat! Flavours like Chocolate Raspberry Cream Roll and Coconut Cream & Frosted Lime Cupcake sound more like desserts than soaps, but what really got my attention was the Pink Sugared Marshmallow scented Whipped Cream Soap, pictured above.

Quite literally, you spread this soap onto your skin like you spread frosting on a cupcake. A little goes a long way, as those sweet pink bubbles lather up and leave your skin hungry for second helpings. And for all of you who aren't digging the chemicals - most of her prodStrawberry Coconut & Chocolate Goats Milk Soapucts are 100% Vegan, with certain lovely exceptions such as the Strawberry Coconut & Chocolate Goats Milk Soap, pictured above, or the Strawberry Banana Coconut Marshmallow Fluff Parfait scented Whipped Yogurt Body Cream. Delightful!

Check out the Verbena Custom Fragrance Blends Etsy Shop, and get your skin some dessert!

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