Jun 9, 2009

Cuckoo for Joojoo

Possibly one of my most favourite clay artists happens to be somebody completely opposite to my style. Her creations aren't creepy or industrial themed like mine, but everything about them seems to have my clear attention.

There is something so playful and innocent about the imaginative polymer clay designs of Joojoo on Etsy. Her use of colour is extraordinary and it shows through in soft pastels and bright tropical hues. Little details like the addition of painted-on eyelashes are perfect and whimsical and her use of natural pieces of nature like sticks, acorn caps, and shells breathe life into her designs. They're like a breath of fresh air!

I have personally had a few delightful conversations with JooJoo, or Afi as she called herself, and she is an absolute darling to chat with. She happens to reside in the same city as I do - Toronto, and we both happen to dig the polymer clay.

I could possibly be having a love affair with every single one of her creations, but I can tell you that I am quite tickled when I see her dear little Spring Snails. Their design is such a simple one, but so admirable in every way. Their little antennae and painted eyes just make me feel all warm and fuzzy, and each of them have a natural shell and a rare earth magnet so that you can stick it to any metal surface you wish. They look especially cute on the sides of a candy tin, like she shows here in the above photo.

An amazing addition to her collection of snails would have to be her signature Tattooed Snail. The bright pinks, reds, and blue patterns against the translucency of the white are a perfect match, and the pearly white shell finishes it off very nicely. I am usually tempted to make my own creations as opposed to splurging on someone elses, but this piece makes me want to break my piggy bank!

Each of Joojoo's creations is like a fairy tale, some of them with their own little story. I personally find it truly magical to find a polymer clay artist who is just as dedicated to her lovely descriptions as she is to her wonderful creations. Her photos are fantastic, clear, vivid, and some of the backgrounds she chooses to use are just darling. Like the Nosy Toucan, pictured to the left. He's spying on his friends, and doesn't like to be caught.

Check out JooJoo on Etsy, and take a look at more of her work and to add a few of her bright and whimsical creations to your life!


  1. I'v been looking at her stuff on flickr (I think it was flickr anyways) and she's really awsome!

  2. My first reaction was "D'aww!" when the image loaded. I am absolutely in love with her snails! Heehee. :D

  3. Oh! Kimberly! You are so sweet! Thanks a million for being so lovely and supportive! HUGS!!! xox And thank you Kittin and Blue!!

  4. How adorable! Thank you so much for introducing us :D

  5. Oh Wow her stuff is great!! the snail idea is inspired!

  6. I've had her in my favourites on etsy for a long time. :D I love the tiny little snails they're so adorable. :)

  7. OMG! I love those! SO cute! I might have to buy one of those snails.

  8. I didn't realize JooJoo was a fellow Canadian. Her work has that wonderful clean, folk arty look that some of the Scandinavian's and Swede's have.

    You're right about her work being opposite to yours, though I can see some similarities in quirky originality and a sense of happy in both styles.

    I love it!

  9. I agree! That folksy look is just so darn adorable, isn't it?