Jun 16, 2009

The Winner!

Tina of Verbena Custom Fragrance Blends has made her decision, with my input of course, and a winner has been chosen for the Spring Into Summer Giveaway!

The winner is...

Chef Runner, with their fresh and lovely scent:
"I went running in Charlottesville, VA a couple weeks ago, and loved the smell, with all the honeysuckle blooming. It was a conference, and right before graduation, so they had done a lot of maintenance on the grounds, so I would say, Honeysuckle, Fresh Cut Grass, with a faint base note of Fresh Mulch. Smells green, welcoming, and like the early morning."
Congratulations, Chef Runner! You get a $20.00 credit for Verbena Custom Fragrance Blends on Etsy! You may purchase something for $20.00 (including shipping) and send a message with your purchase noting that you were the Spring Into Summer Giveaway winner on the Monster Kookies blog!

It may not be everybodies scent of choice, of course! But Tina feels, especially, that this was the most unique and interesting "Earthy" scent she came across. She hopes to actually be able to create this scent and do it justice in one of her body products!

So, a special thank-you to everyone who participated. It was a rather hard time deciding with all those lovely fragrances you suggested!

If you stay tuned, I believe you may all be interested in a contest that I will be holding to win one of my own Monster Kookies products! I should have this contest underway very soon, so keep checking back to my blog!


  1. Congrats!! Fresh cut grass is really a very nice smell!! :) I love it!!

    Oh, and I am looking forward to your contest. I am already thinking about the answer!! muhaha

  2. Interesting combination. I like it, but I probably wouldn't wear it. I hope she can create that, it will be amazing for those that like earthy smells!

  3. Will you also announce your upcoming contest on your Deviant Art page? We love you there too!

  4. Thanks guys, and yes... of course I will announce it on DA. I can't leave out my DA friends! :D