Sep 1, 2010

Steampunk Arthropods? Oh yes.

I made a decision to stop taking custom orders for Industrial Hearts, and I think it's the best decision I have made in a long time. It's going to give me a lot more time to think of new and exciting things, such as this lovely beetle brooch I made, last night. Here is a quote from my Etsy Shop:

"If you're looking for a lovely brooch as the focal point to those ivory white victorian ruffles, it's easy to finish it off with that brooch your grandmother gave you featuring a lady silhouette and bordered by gold, but why not go a different route?

This beautiful beetle resembles the egyptian scarab beetle but also takes inspiration from the japanese beetle and cicada. It's back is striped with rich gold, green emerald, and glimmering black. It features rivets, a single rust toned gear and few teeny tiny rusty gears holding the shell to it's back. It has been carefully textured in places, antiqued with black, and glazed with a satin sheen.

Brass antenae and six delicate legs finish off the entire piece.

This piece will definitely gain curious looks from envious onlookers, and makes a delightful focal point on ivory/cream coloured victorian ruffles or velvet collar."

It can be bought here:

Golden Emerald Beetle Brooch - Steampunk Arthropod - Specimen No.1

I am definitely going to be making more!


  1. I like this new direction your beetle is equisitely detailed, you could make a whole menagerie of stempunk animals :)

    A good call on the custom hearts I guess if you kept on doing them it would have been all you'd ever make.

    Sarah :)

  2. Exactly :) I wanted a bit more variety in my work, and not doing so many custom hearts will enable me to try a lot more new things that I have been putting off for awhile.

  3. oooh this is fabulous ! I discover your Art and I must say I love it !

  4. Thanks, Cat! :D I'm glad you like my Artwork! :D