Oct 13, 2010

Morrrrre Tentacles

Well, if you've been following Monster Kookies over the years, you'd know that I seem to have a thing for tentacles. And no matter how many tentacles I make, I am always being told to make more, more, MORE. And I certainly don't mind.

This cute lil' curly tentacle transitions from a pearly violent into a pearly white and features teeny bright green suckers with lime green insides. Have you been able to tell that I also have a thing for lime green and bright purple? Yeeeeeah.

I'll be listing this lil' thing in my Etsy Shop, tomorrow. In fact, I have two of them - each is slightly different. Both are a pendant that will feature a ring in the top that will be strung through a chain.

I want to make some rainbow tentacles!!!


  1. Wow that looks like intricate work. You must have a lot of patience! Best of luck with your sales on Etsy :)

  2. i totally want a rainbow one!!!

  3. Thanks, BlacknickSculpture! :D I really appreciate that. <3

    And I totally want to MAKE a rainbow one, ninjadesigns. :)