Jun 23, 2011

Looking for Jewellery Displays?

Craftshow season is upon us, and if you're as tired as I am when it comes to the standard jewellery displays, this article is definitely for you. I'm talking those ugly plastic trays that are mass produced in China... lined in black velvet that get dirty and dusty at first touch.

I dealt with these nightmares for a few years, until I went on a full-fledged hunt to find a set of jewellery displays that I could be proud of and would last for years and years. My search finally ended when I found John of Wudls Woodshop on Etsy - a woodworker with over 40 years of experience. What a craftsman! He is located in Western PA in the United States and ships his wonderful hand-crafted items worldwide.

When you're like me and don't have a vehicle, or you're forced to travel to a craftshow on foot, what you need are jewellery displays that are LIGHT and COMPACT. John has definitely thought this through when it comes to his work, and that is why he specializes in craft/jewellery displays.

Take this piece of work for example. This necklace display box is made from a lightweight pine and folds in half to make it easy to haul and thin enough to be stored flat. What's really cool about it is the fold-out legs that allow it to actually stand up on it's own. And when you aren't using it, the legs fold back to make it extra compact. Very cool!

Or how about this sectioned jewellery tray? The great thing about it is that you can store your jewellery items inside of it, as it comes with a handy cover that slides into the top, thus keeping everything inside safe and secure.

Every display is fully customizable. You can ask for custom measurements, and he can even paint it if you so please. I even ordered myself some displays with removable back panels so that I can line them with fun fabric! If there is something you'd like that you don't see in his shop, John also takes custom requests. And if prices are a concern - he's got the best bang for your buck that you're going to find - hand-crafted AND affordable? You can't beat that. To save you on shipping, he also offers to ship your display un-assembled (with instructions) so that it can be shipped in a smaller box. Nice!

I'll be posting photos soon of my customized displays. If you visit John's shop - tell him I sent you!


  1. What a great post. I've been looking all over for displays I don't hate. I'm going to check out his shop. Thank you!

  2. No problem, Madd Dogg! Glad to be of help. :) Tell him I sent you!