Nov 11, 2011

No Good At Random

It's been quite awhile since I wrote a blog entry, mainly because I have been feeling sort of un-inspired lately.

When I feel un-inspired and un-motivated, I like to look at the artwork that other people are creating. All sorts of mediums, actually - not just polymer clay. It usually revitalizes my creative spark, so it seems, and when I see all the neat things that other people are creating, it makes me want to make something neat, as well. Although they aren't usually related. I could be looking at a photo of a flying pig and have an overwhelming urge to make a flaming cupcake.

I was looking at my own work today, and I realize that I have a lot of trouble in being random. The art of taking objects and assembling them into a pattern or design that works, but isn't necessarily perfectly placed.

I think my perfectionism honestly gets in the way of being random. I need things to be perfectly place or for them to be symmetrical. Or placed perfectly and purposely asymmetrical. I've never been good with overlaying and layering. I'm not sure if this is something that can be learned and that I can work on, or if it is something that just comes naturally.

Here is a perfect example of RANDOM:

This is the work of ValerianaSolaris of DeviantArt.

See the placement of the objects? It's random. Not symmetrical or carefully placed - but beautiful, because the design WORKS.

So what do you think? As an artist, how do you usually create? Are you random?


  1. I usually plan very carefully and when it comes time to work, all that planning goes down the drain and I just do whatever comes to mind. But I enjoy planning sooo much. It doesn't matter that it's wasted! Occasionally I do use my plans but it doesn't always turn out like I wanted, but that's fine. There's always a next time!

  2. I usually have plans, but never seem to follow them... haha!

  3. WOW! You have amazing and wonderful talent.

    I like to create what I see in my head. For me it's random. :-)


    1. Thanks so much, Dee! :)

      I guess if I create what I see in my head, then I am more random than I thought. Haha!